ISSR's Bees

We contribute to BEE-ological diversity! Follow our monthly updates on our bee-hive.

This are the latest news from our bee-hive.

December 2021

After a very busy summer buzzing around pollinating the plants in our school garden and making delicious honey, The ISSR Bees are now having a well-deserved rest, hibernating & keeping warm in their beautiful blue beehive. We will look forward to seeing our winged friends flitting around next spring when the weather gets warmer.

Autumn 2020

ISSR is proud to announce that the ISSR bees produced a good crop of honey and delivered over 25 kg this first year. The honey is going to be sold by our P4 students. More details on the sale is going to be sent out on Managebac.

The bees are now safely hibernating during the colder months, supervised by our beekeepers from the company BiMan.

Students, teachers and other staff are thrilled and amazed over the happy buzz our bee-hive has given us so far and we look forward to a new season later in the spring 2021.

We are proud to contribute to BEE-ological diversity!

Winter and Spring 2020

In cooperation with Biman, ISSR has adopted a beehive as a way to show our contribution to urban ecosystem services. We will also get our own honey from the bees, with our own ISSR logo.

Pollinators are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food. Between 75% and 95% of all flowering plants on earth need help with pollinations- they need pollinators. Bees are important pollinators but they have a difficult time and bees are starting to disappear all over the world.

ISSR students, teachers and community are thrilled about this new bee experience.